Author Visits

School and Library Visits

Presentations on Writing for Children and Adults

Please read on for a brief outline of the presentations I offer:

  • for Children (school and library groups)
  • for Children, Parents and Teachers
  • for Adults

For Children (School and Library Groups)

Let’s Read!

This 30 minute program is designed for Nursery and Kindergarten groups. With a brief introduction to each, I read a picture book, a magazine story, a poem and I tell a story.  The presentation introduces the children to a variety of literary experiences and reading material. I bring along some visuals which capture their attention too.

Ideas – Where Do Writers Find Them?

This interesting and informative presentation will appeal to students in Grades 1 – 6.
I talk to the children about where to get ideas for writing, giving examples from my published books, stories, poems and articles.  I read and storytell these, using visuals such as puppets and other attention-grabbing props for the younger children. The 1 hour presentation includes a 10 minute question and answer period at the end. The presentation can be shortened for a 45 minute class period.

For students in Grades 1 – 3, I focus on my picture books, ending the presentation with a fairy tale and some riddles.

For Grades 4, 5 and 6, I include my published novels and end by discussing how you go about getting your writing published.

For Children, Parents and Teachers

Story Time – Sharing Time

This is a presentation which children and adults can enjoy together.  Using reading and storytelling techniques, I demonstrate how parents, teachers and children can make story time a happy and fun-filled sharing time with books, fairy tales, poems, songs, jokes, riddles and storytelling.

For Adults

Writing for Children – the Rewards and the Realities

Geared to teachers, literacy and writing organizations, seniors and general interest groups, this tell-it-like-it-is presentation outlines the joys and pitfalls encountered on the road to becoming a successful children’s writer.  It is accompanied by practical hints from my experience in making a career of writing for children.

The Writer Wears Many Hats – Exploring Different Genres

Why not don one or several writers’ hats and try something new?  This presentation encourages writers, both published and unpublished, to try their pens at poetry, articles, short stories, writing contests, retold folk and fairy tales, picture books, novels and fillers such as riddles, tongue twisters and anagrams.  Although most of the examples given are from children’s literature, the approach is the same for all writing, for ages 4 to 94.