Boathouse Treasure

ISBN: 0-17-607469-4 (paperback)

Boathouse Treasure
by Marilyn Helmer
Thomson Nelson, 1998

As Raine headed back to the cottage, a jumble of thoughts raced through her mind.  An old abandoned boathouse, right next door.  Who does it belong to?  Will I be able to explore it?  Yes, Raine promised herself.  Somehow I’m going to unlock the door and find out exactly what’s inside that boathouse …   Raine fears that she’s in for a boring summer at Half Moon Lake with only her brother Sam for company.   But nothing could be farther from the truth.  Exploring the intriguing old boathouse, finding an unexpected job at a flea market, and solving a mystery – all while trying to get along with a difficult neighbour – turn Raine’s boring summer into one that she’ll never forget.

An Excerpt:

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