Dinosaurs on the Beach

ISBN: 1-55143-260-9 (paperback)

Dinosaurs on the Beach
by Marilyn Helmer
Orca Book Publishers, 2003

Josie crouched to examine the small cave-like crevice.  Suddenly her hand slipped and she found herself wrist-deep in icy water.  By her feet was a small tidal pool.
Pieces of broken rock were scattered over the bottom of the pool.  Her eyes were drawn to one of them.  She scooped it out.  What she saw made her gasp in amazed delight …  Tiny fossilized bones have been discovered on the beach near Stone Trees Cottage but what are they from?  Josie searches for the answer but Lucan, the boy who lives next door, is determined to find it before she does.  And he’ll do just about anything to succeed in his quest!

An Excerpt:

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