The Riddle Books

Riddle me, riddle me, riddle me do,
Ask me a riddle and I’ll tell one to you.

*Who loves riddles?  The answer is – practically every kid on the planet. So what better way to introduce  kids to reading than with a book of riddles. These six Kids Can Read riddle books are designed with the beginning reader in mind. The combination of humour, short questions, simple vocabulary and eye-catching illustrations help children take that first giant step into learning to read on their own.

Explore this series of six riddle books.

Spooky Riddles

A spook-tacular collection of riddles that will make you shiver and shake!
Kids will love these riddles that are mysterious, spooky — and a little kooky!

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Yucky Riddles

Gross-me-out riddles to make you giggle and gag!
Lots of silly-gross riddles are featured in this collection.

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Critter Riddles

A riotous romp of zany critter riddles!
Lots of funny creatures are featured in this riddle collection.

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Funtime Riddles

Playful riddles that will tickle your funnybone!
Sports and games feature everything from soccer-playing pigs that “hog” the ball to ghosts that love playing “Moan-opoly”.

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Yummy Riddles

A tasty menu of riddle-icious puzzlers!
Lots of funny food is featured in this riddle collection.

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Recess Riddles

Brain-teasing riddles to test your wit and wisdom!
From the clock that got in trouble because it “tocked”, to the skunk that enjoyed “Show and Smell”, the riddles offer a funny slice of school life.

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