Sarah’s Wings

ISBN  13:    978-0-9988339-4-1 (paperback)
ISBN  10:   0-9988339-4-0 (paperback)

Sarah’s Wings
by Marilyn Helmer
Illustrated by Deborah Lenz
DWB Publishing,  2017

Of all living things, butterflies are Sarah’s favourite. When she discovers a large yellow, black and white caterpillar on a milkweed plant, her grandmother tells her that the caterpillar will turn into a beautiful monarch butterfly. Delighted, Sarah sets out to learn all she can about the life cycle of monarchs while observing the various stages the caterpillar goes through during its metamorphosis. Then one day, as she watches enthralled, a beautiful monarch butterfly emerges from the chrysalis, pumps its wings and flies off on the greatest adventure of its life. Inspired by the courage of the butterfly, Sarah overcomes her shyness to take on the lead role in a play when her best friend is sick. The book includes information and illustrations of the metamorphosis of the monarch butterfly.

What Grandma and Sarah found when they reached the milkweed plant made Sarah forget all about the play. The chrysalis had split open and the butterfly was struggling out. First his head and legs appeared. Moments later, the rest of him did too. His wings were tiny and stuck together.
“He has to rest and pump up his wings before he can fly,” said Sarah. Soon the butterfly began to move his wings, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. Suddenly, gloriously, he spread his orange, black and white wings and fluttered into the sky.

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