That’s What Bears Are For

ISBN:    978-0-9865329-2-4 (hardcover)
         978-0-9865329-3-1 (paperback)

That’s What Bears Are For
by Marilyn Helmer
Illustrated by Sonia Nadeau
Peanut Butter Press,  2012

After years of living in a trunk in the attic, Bear does not want to be put high on a shelf with the other special toys. He wants to be in Jenny’s arms, enjoying the hugs and cuddles he once had long ago and that is just what Bear sets out to do.

An Excerpt:

The room was dark and quiet. Bear felt lonely. That’s when he had a wonderful idea. He wiggled to the edge of the shelf. “Here I come for hugs and cuddles!” he cried as he tumbled down.
Bear landed on the floor beside Jenny’s bed. “Hug me! Cuddle me!” he called out to her. Although Jenny rolled over, she did not wake up.
Bear lay there all night waiting for hugs and cuddles, but Jenny slept on.

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