The Fossil Hunters

ISBN: 978-1-55469-191-3 (paperback)

The Fossil Hunters
by Marilyn Helmer
Illustrated by Dermot Walshe
Orca Book Publishers,  2009

PETS have given me some great ideas for writing and so has COLLECTING THINGS.  I am a born collector and I taught my children well because they like to collect things too. When Chris and Sandra were very little, we lived in a new housing development. The streets weren’t paved yet. They were just rough, stony roads. But it was a great place to go for walks because we always found interesting things to look at.

One day Chris picked up a stone and to his delight, in the stone was a perfect shell fossil. That stone got our family hooked on fossil collecting. From then on, any time we had a chance, we went fossil hunting. We had so much fun that I decided to write a book about it. First, of course, I had to come up with a story.

Once again, PETS came to the rescue. This time it was a dog. When I was on holidays one time, I stayed at a place where they had a little dog. She was a very friendly dog with a rather unusual habit. She collected small rocks! Yes, that’s true, she really did. You hardly ever saw her without a rock in her mouth because she was always looking for someone to play fetch with her.  So – fossils and a rock collecting dog – there was my story idea and I wrote “The Fossil Hunters”.

An Excerpt:

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