The Great Garage Sale

The Great Garage Sale

ISBN: 978-1-4598-0060-1 (paperback)

The Great Garage Sale
by Marilyn Helmer
Illustrated by Mike Deas
Orca Book Publishers,  2013

I am a born bargain-hunter and what better place to hunt for bargains than at a garage sale. I spent many a Saturday morning happily cruising our neighbourhood with my two young children in tow, searching out inexpensive (read cheap!) treasures. Fun, fresh air and finds were the order of the day. We usually came home with at least one or two bargain treasures. Some were keepers while others were later resold at our own garage sales. 

As any garage sale enthusiast knows, along with the bargains come the disasters. One example that comes to mind is the remote control car my son bought for $2 only to find out that a new battery for the car cost $10!  Then there was the Barbie doll my daughter bought, which wasn’t such a bargain at 75 cents since Barbie’s head fell off before we got home.  But there were good buys too.  Perhaps of the best, was the pair of brand new ski boots my son bought for $1.  The top-quality boots were a perfect fit and he wore them until he outgrew them.

When I decided to write another book about DJ, the hero of Adventures at Camp Lots-o-Fun, I thought that a garage sale, filled with more disasters than bargains, would be the perfect setting for this fun-loving, free-spirited character. I added a new friend named Sam, a potentially cat-astrophic encounter with Tiger the Terrible, a skateboard named Speedwell and the gastronomic delights of Super Stackers and Roll-Ups plus one major “problem-o” and turned DJ loose to sort everything out in the end.

An Excerpt

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